Dor Mat offer you a wide range of reed products, wicker products, wicker garlands and straw garlands.


reed bundleIn our offer there is a natural bundle reed, woven mats, board canes. more..


wiklinaA man has been accompanied by wicker for ages. Not only for functional purposes, but also for decorative ones..more...


wianki wiklinoweWe offer wicker garlands and straw garlands. This product is a unique decorative element for houses and apartments. more...

trzcina kopce

Over the thousands of years the progress of civilization has been done. Building and decorative materials have not been left out, either. From grass, cane, turf, straw, throughout roof tile, roofing felt, metal sheet, plastic. After many years we go back to cane as all-purpose material, which in every range fully stood the test of time. Our company has appreciated potential and flexibility of natural products. For ages, according to the philosophy, in conformity with nature, we have provided our customers with the products of the highest quality. Thatched roofs made and taken care of, according to modern thatch art, can last up to 100 years